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Avoid Getting Zapped With These Electrical Safety Tips

- 9:46 am - May 28th, 2019

May is National Electrical Safety Month! As Hampton Roads’ premier comfort provider, we also want to provide our customers with a sense of safety and knowledge. So, in the spirit of National Electrical Safety Month, we’re going to share with our some very important ways to be safe around electricity, and how to avoid potential electrical hazards.

Here are a few indoor and outdoor tips so that everyone in your home can avoid electrical fires, fatalities, injuries and property loss.

For Indoor Electrical Safety

  • Check electrical cords for fraying or cracking. Replace cords that appear damaged, and don’t overload outlets

  • Remember that extension cords are intended to be temporary – they are not intended as permanent household wiring
  • Don’t run cords under carpets or rugs, and don’t tack or nail cords to walls or floors

  • Keep electrical appliances and tools away from water. Never reach for or unplug an appliance that has fallen into water – instead, turn the power off at the breaker before you unplug the appliance or remove it from water

  • Never put anything other than an electrical plug in an outlet. Use outlet covers or caps to protect children – or UL-listed tamper-proof outlets.

  • Keep your home’s electrical system in good repair. Contact E.T. Lawson for assistance with flickering lights, sparks, non-functioning outlets, or wiring repairs or upgrades

For Outdoor Electrical Safety

  • Never touch downed power lines

  • Always call your local utility or 911 if you see lines down

  • Watch for overhead lines every time you use a ladder, work on roofs, trees, or carry long tools or loads. Keep kites, model airplanes, and metallic balloons away from power lines

  • Know what’s below before you dig! At least three days before starting any digging or excavating, call 811 to have underground utility lines, pipes, and cables marked for free

  • Avoid planting trees underneath power lines or near utility equipment

With help from the electrical experts here at E.T. Lawson, you can ensure total safety and peace of mind for your entire household! If you notice anything questionable about your electrical system, don’t try and address it or fix it on your own! It can be very dangerous, and can result in severe injury, fatality or electrical fire. Contact us online if you have any questions, or call if you need immediate assistance.

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