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Benefits of a Backup Generator During Summer

- 1:04 pm - July 24th, 2020

While the summer season brings a lot of nice weather our way, it also tends to throw a curveball or two into the mix! Hurricane season introduces a lot of heavy storms and high winds that can knock out power, and the increased demand on the electrical grid on hot summer days can lead to rolling blackouts and brownouts.

Luckily for Hampton Roads homeowners, E.T. Lawson sells and installs modern backup generators to help them avoid these situations! Additional benefits of a standby generator that are worth considering are:

Keeping Food Fresh

There’s no telling how long power loss can last, which puts perishable food stored in freezers and refrigerators at risk of thawing and spoiling. A backup generator will prevent spoilage because it automatically kicks on a few seconds after the power goes out.

Keeping Everyone Cool

Everyone on the block is cranking up their air conditioning systems, especially on those unbearably hot summer days! Since electricity is in such high demand at this time, the loss of power is something all homeowners are going to want to avoid so they can stay comfortable. When you can generate your own power, it’s less of a problem!

Keeping Homes Dry

Hurricane season can cause major flooding, for which many homes are equipped with sump pumps as a countermeasure! However, if a storm’s heavy rain and high winds knock out the power, sump pumps won’t be able to function – leaving homeowners open to flooding and water damage.

Make it easier to enjoy the summer with the peace of mind a whole-home backup power generator brings! Call or contact us online today to learn more about the benefits of a power generator, or to set up an installation.

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