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Don't get caught in a 'short-cycle' this year

- 10:00 am - January 18th, 2023

Have you noticed your furnace turning on and off frequently without reaching the temperature set on your thermostat? That is one sign that your furnace may be short-cycling, a condition that will prevent your home from heating to a comfortable temperature. A short-cycling furnace will run less efficiently, which can cause you to use more fuel, raising your gas bill. Here's a few signs your furnace may be short-cycling.

Frequent heating cycles: Short heating cycles may occur five to eight times an hour and run for shorter periods of time.

Your house is cold: There are many factors that can contribute to a cold house, and a furnace that short cycles might be one cause since the desired temperature is never achieved.

Thermostat and room difference: A clear indicator that your furnace is short-cycling is when the room temperature and set thermostat temperature never match.

Causes and Solutions

Dirty air filter: A clogged or dirty air filter can limit air moving through your furnace. We recommend changing your air filters monthly during the heating season. If you do not know how, contact us to schedule a service call.

Faulty thermostat: Start by changing the batteries on the thermostat. If the problem persists, it could be a faulty thermostat, in which case, contact E.T. Lawson to replace it.

Defective fan limit switch: The fan limit switch will shut the furnace down if it senses overheating. The only solution is to replace the switch if it is malfunctioning. We can help!

Many homeowners can replace air filters and change thermostat batteries, but E.T. Lawson is always here to help with any heating system issues you face.

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