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Schedule Your Heating System Tune-Up Soon

- 2:24 pm - September 3rd, 2020

At this point in the year, Hampton Roads homeowners know they’ll soon be relying heavily on their heating equipment as temperatures begin to drop. The real question then becomes: Are they getting the warmth they need to stay comfortable?

If your heating equipment isn’t well maintained, you might find yourself unable to escape from the cold!

Luckily all you need to do is call E.T. Lawson to help with the maintenance of your heating system. Here are some common signs that you might need to call:

Increase in Heating Costs

Over time heating equipment can consume more and more fuel than it usually takes to keep you and your family warm. A well-maintained system will typically remain consistent when it comes to heating costs.

Improper Air Flow

The flow of your heated air is important – without it, you won’t feel any warmer in your home! Regular maintenance can help keep your equipment clean enough to allow airflow throughout the system.

Unusual Noises

There are normal sounds that heating equipment makes when it runs. Certain noises, however, jump out at you as though to say ‘there’s a problem here!’ If you hear anything that sounds unusual, such as metal screeching or consistent clanging, give us a call right away!

Frequent Repairs

With normal wear and tear it’s expected to have one or two service calls for your heating equipment throughout the year. However, if you’re beginning to spend more and more on repairs – and needing to call for service at an increasing rate, getting routine maintenance can help in a big way.

Even if your heating equipment is running just fine, it’s still a good idea to call regularly for a tune-up in order to keep it that way! Contact us online today to schedule your heating system tune-up.

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