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Protect Yourself from Winter’s Worst with an E.T. Lawson Service Agreement

- 9:19 am - January 29th, 2018

Winter’s barely just begun but Virginia has already battled through one intense snowstorm, and it might not be the last. With snowstorms and extreme cold temperatures comes an increased workload for your heating equipment, and as reliable as it is, there’s always a chance something won’t be up to task. The good news is, no matter how frigid the temperatures get and how loud the winds howl, you can protect yourself and your equipment with a service agreement from E.T. Lawson.

Priority emergency service. That’s what you’ll get with an E.T. Lawson service agreement. The next time a major storm makes its way through the area, you’ll rest easy knowing you get free service for the replacement or repair of warrantied parts. These parts include the circulator control, emergency switch, fuel pump, fuel pump strainer, burner motor, ignition transformer, nozzle, nozzle adaptor and dozens more.

In addition to priority emergency service, you’ll also receive:

  • Annual maintenance
  • Annual safety check
  • Discounts on non-warrantied work
  • And more!

Protect yourself from the next big winter snowstorm by enrolling in a service agreement now! Contact E.T. Lawson today.

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