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A Sealed Home is a Comfy Home

- 3:30 pm - August 3rd, 2018

A boat’s worst enemy is a hole – and the same can be said of your wallet when it comes to your home comfort! You work hard to pay energy bills so that after a long day of work you can come home and relax in a comfortable environment. However, just as holes in a boat make it less effective, holes in your home make your home comfort systems less effective, resulting in wasted money and energy. You may not see where your conditioned air is escaping, but E.T. Lawson helps Virginia homeowners see how they can save money by sealing up their homes.

Keeping an eye out for air leaks is no simple task! There are many places air can escape from, such as your home’s ductwork, crawlspace, attic or your home’s external envelope. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but with our Energy Audits we utilize special diagnostic tools that show us everything: cold and warm spots, escaping air, and more.

Where does air commonly get lost?

Knowing there’s a hole is one thing, it’s another thing to find the hole and plug it up! The good news is that we have a knack for doing that, too! The three most common places where air leaks can go unnoticed are:

  • Attics: Insulating and sealing can save up to 20% on energy bills
  • Crawl Spaces: Insulating and sealing can save up to 10% on energy bills
  • Ductwork: insulating and sealing can save anywhere from 20% to 50% on energy bills

In addition to our Energy Audits, we also provide options for improving air retention at these three locations: Aeroseal for leaking ducts; AttiCat for sealing up attics; and Foam-LOK for encapsulating crawl spaces and filling in hard-to-reach areas. Not only will our weatherization services help you save money on energy costs by keeping your conditioned air indoors, it’ll also reduce the amount of hard work your home comfort equipment goes through to maintain your comfort, resulting in less wear and tear, and fewer repairs.

Sealing up your home is something that helps you save money and stay comfortable all year long! Give us a call or contact us through our website to learn more about our weatherization services and how they can save you from throwing your energy bucks overboard!


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