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The Bathroom You’ve Always Wanted is Closer Than You Think

- 5:40 pm - March 16th, 2018

For a long time you’ve been saying it … this is the year I get around to upgrading that old bathroom. Unfortunately, something has always come up. You think, it’s such a big endeavor … do I really have the time? But, what if you could transform your bathroom in just a day? That would change everything…

A New Bathroom in a Day

Many times, E.T. Lawson can install your new bathroom needs in a single day. Your bathroom won’t be out of commission for weeks, nor will you have to navigate around roadblocks in your home. 

Remodel It How You Want

What is it you’ve been longing to change? Is it the surfaces or storage? The layout of the floor? The shower? Whatever it is, our expert remodelers can make your vision come to life. As a certified BCI® Acrylic Bath Systems dealer, you can rely on us for the very best acrylic materials for your shower, shower door, bath liner and more. 

Preview Your Bathroom

What’s more? You can preview what your upgraded bathroom will look like using Build Your Own Bath technology from BCI. This program offers a virtual view of your bathroom so you can select which features you like.

This is the Year

Don’t let any more years pass by before you get the bathroom you’ve always wanted. This is the year you’ll finally upgrade that old bathroom! Just contact E.T. Lawson to get started.

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