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Start Thinking About Your Air Conditioning System!

- 10:01 am - April 2nd, 2021

At E.T. Lawson we never stop thinking about your cooling and heating equipment. As a homeowner in Hampton Roads, however, you’ve probably spent the last few months thinking about anything but your air conditioning system. That is, until now!

Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time to start taking care of your central or ductless mini-split air conditioning system so you can enjoy cool comfort during the summer.

Here are a few E.T. Lawson services you should take advantage of so your home can be ready!

Air Conditioning System Installations

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current central or ductless mini-split AC, or you’re still relying on an outdated window AC unit, we can help! Today’s modern cooling equipment boasts higher efficiencies, so you spend less on cooling costs, and lasts longer with proper maintenance than older equipment.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, we provide our customers with that as well. Annual tune-ups keep cooling equipment working as efficiently as it did when it was first installed! What’s more, it allows our technicians to spot smaller issues and make repairs before they turn into bigger breakdowns.

Air Conditioning Service Agreements

Our Service Agreements help reduce breakdowns with annual tune-ups that are included when you sign up. They’ll also lower your repair costs because they cover the replacement of certain parts and the labor associated. As an added bonus, being enrolled in a service contract makes you a preferred customer!

So, are you thinking about your air conditioning system now? Great! Give E.T. Lawson a call today to learn more about our air conditioning services, and don’t forget to schedule a tune-up before the summer rush!

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