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Upgrade Your Idea of Summer Comfort

- 11:03 am - April 27th, 2018

Is your air conditioning system up to date? Is it ready to deliver cool, refreshing air on mild and scorching hot days alike? If you’re supplementing your air conditioner with fans and buckets of ice during the summer, it may be time to consider upgrading! Here are some benefits of upgrading:

  • Modern air conditioning systems boast higher SEERs – so they use less energy to provide just as much cool comfort
  • New variable-speed models provide consistent temperatures throughout your home with less wear and tear on the equipment
  • Today’s air conditioners come in a variety of sizes that may better suit the size of your home – increasing coverage and efficiency

Upgrading your AC is a great first step, but then you’ll want to protect your new system as well! E.T. Lawson offers a variety of air conditioning service agreements that can keep your air conditioner running efficiently all summer long. Under a service agreement, you’ll receive priority emergency service, annual preventive maintenance, discounts on service work and an allowance towards any repairs or replacement of covered parts. With various levels of protection, you’ll find just what you need to stay cool all summer long. Contact E.T. Lawson today to learn more and sign up!

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