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Airtemp Oil Furnaces

Airtemp Oil Furnaces


First in Quality, Reliability and Value 

As Hampton Roads’ first heating service department, E.T. Lawson has seen countless furnaces come and go over the decades, and we want our customers to experience only the best in home comfort. That’s why we install Airtemp Oil Furnaces. When it comes to oil-fired furnaces, AirTemp is first in quality, reliability and value.

Quality Components

High-quality Beckett burners utilize the latest technology for clean combustion while the furnace’s multi-speed blower motor provides greater energy efficiency and a more consistent airflow. Round that off with a wrap-around radiator for maximum heat transfer and an insulated 22-gauge steel cabinet for long-lasting strength and quiet operation.

Reliable Performance

Airtemp and E.T. Lawson are so confident in these furnaces that we offer each with a 10-year all-parts warranty AND a limited lifetime warranty for the furnace’s heat exchanger. Plus, every E.T. Lawson customer enjoys the added reassurance of our No Lemon Policy, which states, “If the heat exchanger in the furnace fails, we will replace the entire furnace at no charge.”

Valuable Energy Savings

Airtemp oil furnaces are designed, assembled and repeatedly tested in North America to ensure that long-term energy savings are achievable with each model. Of course, here at E.T. Lawson, we understand that there’s much more to energy savings than a system’s efficiency rating. That’s why…

E.T. Lawson packages each Airtemp furnace we install with these value-added extras:

  • FREE Aeroseal Duct Sealing ($1,995 value)
    Designed to improve the performance of your furnace or air conditioner by up to 40%

  • FREE Five-Year Service Agreement ($1,499.95 value)
    Includes annual preventive maintenance, priority emergency service and free parts replacements
  • FREE Three-Year Protection Plan
    We guarantee your per-gallon Ultra Heating Oil price will be 40 cents below normal residential price for three full years.

$500 Rebate for a New Furnace Installation made available through the Upgrade & Save – VA Energy Efficiency & Safety Rebate Program.

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