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Automatic Delivery Protection

With the aid of our computers and weather monitoring system, we predict your fuel consumption day by day. This system tells us when you are ready for an Ultra Heating Oil delivery. You never have to check your supply, and you don't have to be home for deliveries. Metered delivery slips give you proof of the amount delivered.

We guarantee you will not run out of oil. If, for any reason, your tank runs out of Ultra Heating Oil, we'll not only deliver your oil promptly, but we'll also start your burner at no charge and give you a $25 gift certificate for dinner - FREE!

To learn more about E.T Lawson's unbeatable delivery protection services, contact us today!

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Tank Protection

Tank ProtectionThe Best Tank Warranty In The Nation

We at E.T. Lawson take complete responsibility for the care and maintenance of your oil tank system. For our tank warranty customers we provide the following services - FREE.
  • CLEANING: If your tank needs cleaning of sludge accumulated over years of use, we will do it - FREE.
  • PAINTING: If your tank needs painting, we will do it - FREE.
  • REPAIR: If your tank needs fixing, we will do it - FREE.
  • REPLACEMENT: If your tank needs replacing, we will do it - FREE.
    • In Virginia, for above ground and underground tanks, if there is any pollution: E.T. Lawson in conjunction with the VA State Fund will provide pollution coverage up to $1,000,000 - FREE.
    • In North Carolina, for underground tanks, if there is any pollution: E.T. Lawson in conjunction with the NC State Fund will provide pollution coverage up to $1,000,000 - FREE.
To learn more about our premier environmental and tank protection services, contact E.T Lawson today!

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Payment Protection

You purchase 80% of your Ultra Heating Oil during 25% of the year. This means that you must pay for most of your heating needs in a short period of time.

To eliminate this problem, our Payment Protection Plan spreads your estimated heating bill over 11 months. You pay no interest charge for this service. In fact, you receive a 5% discount for prompt payment. In the 12th month we settle up any remaining balances. In addition we pay interest at the rate of 5% on credit balances.

Payment Protection Plan Highlights:
  • Spread payments over 11 months
  • No interest charge
  • 5% prompt payment discount
  • 5% interest rate on credit balances
To learn more about the ultimate budget protection of our Payment Protection Plan, contact E.T Lawson today!

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