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Home Energy Audit


A Home Energy Audit Provides a Conservation Blueprint

We all want to conserve energy as smartly and cost-effectively as possible, but it can be challenging to determine where to begin and which steps will yield the greatest savings. The best way to start is by gaining a thorough understanding of how your home uses energy.

E.T. Lawson's conservation experts perform in-depth home energy audits that identify areas of inefficiency and waste. The process begins with a detailed inspection that covers heating and cooling equipment, insulation, doors and windows. We assess the efficiency of all major energy-using appliances and identify areas where your house may be leaking heat in winter or letting hot air infiltrate during summer.

We compile our findings in a report that can serve as a blueprint for your home conservation campaign. You'll see how your home is performing and what projects are most important for driving down energy costs. You'll find it easy to prioritize and develop an improvements schedule that matches your budget.

Putting our recommendations into action is easy, because E.T. Lawson can perform virtually any energy-related home improvement, including equipment installation, energy-efficient doors and windows, insulation and air sealing. Energy conservation is easy when you work with one company that does it all!

If you want to take an informed approach to saving energy, knowledge is a vital asset, and E.T. Lawson can provide it. Please call or contact us today to learn more and schedule your home energy audit.