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Why do You Need a Standby Emergency Generator in Winter?

- 2:14 pm - December 3rd, 2019

In Hampton Roads, Virginia, we’re no strangers to power outages caused by bad weather. But just because we’re familiar with them, doesn’t mean we want to put up with them! Without electricity, you’re missing out on the normal comforts of home such as heat, lighting and entertainment.

Save yourself and your family from a cold and dark home with a newly installed Briggs and Stratton standby emergency power generator from E.T. Lawson!

Here are a few reasons that a generator is great for your home during the winter:

  • Keep your family members warm! Even if your heating equipment is fueled by our Ultra Heating Oil, things like your thermostat and the pilot light all still rely on electricity.

  • Prevent pipes from freezing! Not only is keeping your family warm important, but working heat also helps keep pipes warm, too. As long as the temperatures in your home are stable, you should be able to keep your pipes from freezing. Consider taking additional measures, too, when it comes to protecting your pipes!

  • Keep your home lit up! It’s nice being able to see where you’re going when navigating through your home, but it’s also safer around stairwells, hallways, basements and other places that can be hazardous in the dark.

  • Stay secure! If your security system doesn’t have a battery backup, then a power outage can render your home more vulnerable to burglars and smoke/fire alarms won’t be able to alert authorities to any trouble.

Are you happily relying on a standby generator? If not, contact us online today to learn more about how a generator can help keep your family safe, secure and – most importantly – comfortable!

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