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Small Electrical Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

- 4:47 pm - April 6th, 2018

Upgrades don’t have to be costly to benefit you and your family. With our electrical services, we can bring new light (no pun intended) to your home’s electrical system. Continue reading for some tips on maintaining and updating your electric accessories.

Safer Outlets – Older outlets along the walls of your home may pose a safety hazard to young children. You’ve used those plastic covers, but when you need the outlet it’s more of a hassle to access it. New “tamper resistant” outlets are available that won’t allow anything like fingers or paperclips to enter the outlet.

Innovative Switches – We’re all familiar with light switches, but outdated toggle switches may not fit the look or functionality you’re going for in your home. Motion switches are great for bathrooms and closets, especially when certain members of your family like to leave the lights on in every room. Dimmer switches can help set the mood for dinner or movie nights, too!

Update GFIs – GFIs (Ground Fault Interrupters) are found in bathrooms and kitchens, or anywhere else there is a chance of contact with water. Monthly testing of these outlets is necessary to ensure that they’re working properly. If you find a faulty GFI, you should have it replaced immediately for your own safety.

Energy Efficient Lighting – If you haven’t used LED lighting already, it’s a great way to conserve energy and increase the light output (or lumens) from any lighting fixtures in your home. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it doesn’t heat up the same way incandescent lights do, and won’t take as long to brighten as CFL, or compact fluorescent, bulbs do.

Have an idea for an electrical project or upgrade in your home? Let E.T. Lawson know! Our electricians are always happy to help make sure that your home’s electrical system is as safe as possible. To add a little bit more protection, consider enrolling in our electrical service agreement. Call us today to learn more!

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