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It’s Easy to Generate Peace of Mind with E.T. Lawson

- 10:58 am - May 18th, 2018

Peace of mind … we all want it, and it’s exactly what you’ll get with a standby generator from E.T. Lawson. You’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing that if a heat wave, flood, hurricane or another extreme weather event knocks out the power, you won’t be left in the dark, fumbling around.

E.T. Lawson proudly installs standby generators from Briggs, Stratton and Kubota that turn on automatically when the power goes out. They enable you to…

  • Stay safe and comfortable by ensuring your heating or cooling system stays running
  • Keep the refrigerator and freezer running to prevent your food from spoiling
  • Keep the lights on so you can move about the house
  • Keep you in touch with loved ones by keeping your phone, tablet, PC and laptop powered up and charged

What’s more, all of our standby generators come with five years of annual servicing, a five year parts and labor warranty, concrete pad, piping, electrical and transfer switches. We can also install sub panels and connect your new generator in your home.

It’s easy to generate peace of mind with a standby generator from E.T. Lawson. Don’t wait – contact us today to get yours!

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